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60-Minute Follow Up Session

Although your birth chart never changes your whole life, it is in constant communication with the current planetary positions. As the planets move through your chart, they activate and often initiate changes in the various areas of your life and relationships. 

In this session, the energy cycles operating in your birth chart over the next 12 months are revealed in detail. Important dates and time-frames are highlighted, so you can intentionally interact with and make the best use of the energetic potentials before you. It’s like having a secret weapon that allows you to be in the flow of life vs. paddling against the currents. Together, we'll plot the best course for your success and happiness.

Consider scheduling this session around your birthday and receive a special birthday gift: your Solar Return chart. This is an additional chart that reveals the overall themes for the coming year and adds a level of detail to the chart reading. This session makes a great birthday gift for a loved one!

Sessions are conducted in-person or virtually. A hard copy of your birth chart and audio file of the discussion is always included.

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