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"My consultations illuminate the intrinsic patterns of individual and family StarMaps© (better known as Astrological birth charts). You will learn the characteristics of your Sun, Moon, and personality signs, as well as how the planets were interacting with each other at the time of your birth.


Astrological cycles for the year ahead will be detailed. You will leave armed with tools and strategies to balance the energies involved, as well as specific dates and time frames of importance.


I specialize in shifting discordant patterns/entanglements and deepening conscious connection in relationships. What can you expect as a result of this awareness and fresh perspective? The Echoes from the past that used to trip you up and trigger you, start to drift away or re-organize; your relationship with the people and situations in your life will shift into a more harmonious flow.


You can step into this moment in an authentic, empowered way, manifesting the Future you desire." 


- Lisa Hagenbuch

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