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  • What is a Reading?
    “A reader does not tell your fortune. We do not tell you what to do with your life. We receive messages from Spirit about patterns and events in your life and we present these to you without judgment. You, as the recipient of the message, have the choice as to the direction in which you will move. This is what has an effect on your future evolution. The reader or medium only presents the patterns and situations to you, and, guided by Spirit, counsels you about the possibilities in them.” - Anonymous
  • What information do I need to provide prior to the session?
    For each birth chart requested, I will need the following information (at least 24 hours prior to the session), as I do prep work prior to our meeting : Date of birth City of birth Exact time of birth (from your birth certificate, if possible) The more accurate the birth time, the more accurate the information provided in the session; if the time is off by more than 4 minutes, it will affect the accuracy. You will receive a paper copy of each birth chart as well as a video or audio file recording of the session.
  • How do I know what session is best for me? Do you offer Gift Certificates?
    My readings are interactive and the client is ultimately in charge of what is discussed in any of the sessions. It is my intention that our time together is relevant to all the pressing questions and life issues you are currently experiencing. Astrology is the foundation for everything I do. I incorporate astrology into my Family Constellation work (Ancestral Healing Astrology) and Tarot (Celestial Tarot)sessions. My suggestion is to come back and see me whenever you feel drawn to or when you're feeling 'stuck' and wish to shift the energy from the perspective of insightful modalities and a fresh pair of eyes. Future Echo Gift Certificates make unique and insightful gifts for baby & wedding showers, graduations, divorce/starting over, and retirement occasions.
  • What benefits will a session offer me?
    Everything and Everyone in your life is contained in your Astrological Birth Chart! It is the closest thing you're going to get to a personal owner's manual. It is the most insightful tool I have found for providing awareness of Self (strengths, areas for growth) and a greater understanding of all the personal relationships in your life, including your relationship to career, life purpose, health, love partnerships, your children – the list goes on and on. You will leave armed with significant dates/time frames, an understanding of how to co-create with the planetary ‘windows of opportunity', as well as tools and strategies to balance what is not currently flowing well in your life. My intention is that you will leave with clarity, a sense of peace and a feeling of personal Empowerment.
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