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90-Minute Session

Are you ready to see yourself in a whole new light and imagine fresh possibilities? Your Astrological birth chart is a map of the sky as it appeared at the exact moment of your birth. Everyone and Everythingin your life is contained in your birth chart. It is the closest thing you are going to get to a personal owner's manual, and t reveals what makes you uniquely YOU!


In this interactive session, the astrological symbol system of your birth chart will be described in plain English: your Sun, Moon and Personality sign characteristics, as well as your major astrological patterns. You will understand more deeply how you think and process information, your needs/desires around love, your natural talents, the direction your life is destined to head, health issues - the sky’s the limit! You will leave armed with tools and strategies for staying in harmony and flow with the energetic cycles, as well as significant dates/time-frames for upcoming life events.


This session is geared to first time clients. All you need to do is come loaded with questions as your birth chart will reveal answers to all your burning life questions…such as

  • 'Should I take that new job opportunity?’

  • ‘How can I put my natural abilities to use in a more purposeful way?’

  • ‘Is this person “the one”?

  • ‘How can I set more intentional boundaries in my life or open up my intuitive abilities?’

Sessions are conducted in-person or virtually. A hard copy of your birth chart and audio/video file of the discussion is included.

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