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Classes & Appearances

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In this Astrological Beginner’s Course, one week each will be devoted to:

  • The Planets (Life Urges)

  • Signs (Qualifiers/Adjectives)

  • Houses (Life Classrooms)

  • Aspects (Cosmic Communication) of the Natal Birth Chart

The last two weeks you will learn how to ‘put it all together’ through basic interpretation of celebrity charts. This course can be taken individually or in a group setting.

Please feel free to contact me so we can discuss details and pricing. I am also available for individual mentoring on specific or advanced astrological topics.

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I would love to be a speaker at your meetup!

You can invite me to speak at your meetup if your group is interested in furthering their astrological awareness. I am available to speak on a specific topic or teach a beginning class over a series of meetings. 


Please contact me to provide your host’s information. I’ll respond right away so we can discuss all the details!​

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If you are looking for a way to liven up a get-together or a festive way to learn more about yourself and/or group members, you’ve come to the right place! I am available (either in person or on Zoom) to provide Astrological, Tarot, or combination readings at your event for any length of time.

You can ask specific questions related to love, career, life purpose, health…nothing is off limits. Perhaps a group would like to know their individual Sun/Moon/Personality signs as a fun way to learn more about each other.

I also partner with other practitioners (jewelry makers, energy healers), so feel free to contact me about putting together a one-of-a-kind gathering!

  • Girl’s Night Out 

  • Bachelorette/Wedding Showers

  • Eclipse Readings

  • New Moon Ritual Events

  • Halloween

  • Holiday

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