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Individual StarMap


Let’s chat about what makes you one-of-a-kind! Answers about everyone and everything in your life are revealed.

  • A Star is Born

  • StarMap Update

  • Celestial Tarot Card Reading

  • Let's Throw the Kitchen Sink at it!

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Joint Services

2 Energy Healers are better than 1! Explore our interactive and collaborative joint session offerings:

  • Channeled Astrology

  • Resolution Constellations

  • Human Design Astrology

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Life Stages of

Your StarMap

Looking for unique gift ideas or targeted guidance when you’re reached that next milestone?

  • Welcome to Earth!

  • The World is my Oyster!

  • Star Crossed

  • 60-Minute Revisit

  • Ready to Love Again

  • Your Early Reincarnation


Classes & Appearances

  • 6 Weeks to Basic StarMap Interpretation

  • Meet Up With Me!

  • Parties & Events

Two women and a child sitting at a table, smiling, one woman is explaining something

Family StarMap


Ever wondered why your family is the way they are?

Let’s talk about it!

  • How and Why Did We All End Up Together?

  • Follow-Up Session Options

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