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Family StarMap Sessions

Families operate as a system and there are natural laws that create order and support the system to function in a healthy, productive way. There are also multi-generational patterns that leave their marks in - let’s just call it - ‘interesting’ ways.

As parents and guides, it is nearly impossible not to have our “story” of who our children are, what career, life partner, etc. would be best for them…the list goes on and on. To varying degrees, we feel it is not only our responsibility but our right to help them along that path…oh, and of course to shield them from as much hurt, pain and natural consequences as possible. Does that sound familiar? 

We soon find out, however, that these amazing, highly conscious individuals came to us with their own plan that they are destined to unfold – it is virtually impossible for them not to be authentically themselves in their own time frame, not ours.

The more we can understand and support their uniqueness, the easier the process of stepping into who they are unfolds and the deeper the foundational, ongoing connection with you will be. The more joy, peace and harmony your household will experience.

As parents, we get one shot at enhancing each stage of our child’s development. That being said, this is NOT at all about being the ‘perfect’ parent. That is an unattainable goal, and not one that is best to model for our children even if it were possible. Everyone makes mistakes! It is all about what we do when we become consciously aware of our role.

But wait, there’s more! We have as much to learn from our children as we have to teach them. Our children are offering us the invaluable gift of holding up a mirror and reflecting to us how and where we have yet to grow as individuals. This is most often demonstrated in how they are ‘triggering us’ or by their desire to unapologetically authentically follow their destiny instead of living by the plan we have set for them.

It boils down to having a few, non-negotiable boundaries, mutual respect, active listening skills and an open mind and heart; with time, it is as easy to do as it is to say.

What makes me uniquely qualified to provide this insight?

First, and foremost, I’ve lived this experience and have been ‘expertly schooled’ by my husband and 2 young adult children. In addition, I have 22 years of Astrological training and sessions with individual clients and families. I am certified in 6 Conscious Parenting courses led by Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Oprah’s go-to parenting expert. I am also in ongoing Family Constellation training. Family Constellations look at the ancestral gifts and pathologies that still ‘echo’ in our current family system.


The knowledge and wisdom I have gained from these tenets and techniques further enhance and provide depth to my StarMap consultations. I can say without a doubt that guiding “my” children to adulthood would have been a VASTLY different experience if I hadn't known and honored the intrinsic nature and characteristics my children's unique StarMaps revealed over the years.

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2 hour session


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Let’s dig into the vision for your tribe! In Family StarMap sessions, each individual member’s StarMap will be analyzed and cross-referenced as to how it interacts with every other family member’s StarMap. Understanding the unique energies of each individual member and how they can better relate to each other is priceless in forging deep, joyful connection. It also provides a centering roadmap when you forget in the moment to honor who your family member is - a lifeline back to each other when times get tough.

You will leave armed with plenty of tools and strategies for creating that meaningful connection that will last a lifetime.

Hard copies of Individual and Relationship StarMap Charts and an audio file of the session will be provided. This session cross-connects every StarMap chart of every family member, up to 2 children; $75 for each additional child.


Package of 3 60-minute sessions*  $625

Package of 4 60-minute sessions*  $695

Upon completion of the initial Family Tree StarMap consultation, packages can be purchased, so that individual family members can meet one-on-one with me to discuss their Individual and cross-referenced Relationship StarMaps and get their questions answered.


*sessions can be used by any family member. A code will be given to the purchaser, who can share it with the group to use when scheduling the session. Special request: please also email or call me to authorize it.

Hard copies of Individual and Relationship StarMaps and audio file of the session included.



To readdress specific concerns over time, available after purchase of the Family StarMap

 30 minutes $100 

60 minutes $175

90 minutes $235  

Life circumstances are always shifting and sometimes issues can quickly arise. Schedule a session in any time increment to discuss how StarMap Solutions can aid in awareness or resolution.


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