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2 Hour Reading

Let’s really dig in! In Family Patterns Astrological Sessions, each individual member’s astrological birth chart will be analyzed and cross-referenced as to how it interacts with every other family member’s birth chart. Understanding the unique energies of each individual member and how they can better relate to each other is priceless in forging deep, joyful connection. It also provides a centering roadmap when you forget in the moment to honor who your family member is - a lifeline back to each other when times get tough.

You will leave armed with plenty of tools and strategies for creating that meaningful connection that will last a lifetime.

Hard copies of Individual and Relationship Birth Charts and an audio file of the session will be provided. This session cross-connects every birth chart of every family member, up to 2 children; $75 for each additional child.


What makes me uniquely qualified to provide this insight?

First, and foremost, I’ve lived this experience and have been ‘expertly schooled’ by my husband and 2 young adult children. In addition, I have 22 years of Astrological training and sessions with individual clients and families. I am certified in 6 Conscious Parenting courses led by Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Oprah’s go-to parenting expert. I am also in ongoing Family Constellation training. Family Constellations look at the ancestral gifts and pathologies that still ‘echo’ in our current family system.


The knowledge and wisdom I have gained from these tenets and techniques further enhance and provide depth to my client consultations. I can say without a doubt that guiding “my” children to adulthood would have been a VASTLY different experience if I hadn't known and honored the intrinsic nature and characteristics my children's unique birth charts have revealed over the years.





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