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90-minute session

This therapeutic session is a combination of astrological family dynamic analysis and Family Constellations, an energetic healing modality made popular by Bert Hellinger. In this interactive session, one life question, ancestral pattern/entanglement or situation that is out of sync or not working as well as you desire will be addressed. Figures are used as energetic representives of people and concepts. Tuning into the feeling state of the representatives allows the relationship patterns to be energetically revealed, guiding the path to resolution. Ancestral support is called in to help resolve issues that didn't start or belong to the client.


What can you expect as a result of this session? Outer circumstances will shift in a positive direction. This session will restore order, creating a sense of balance and a feeling of peace and flow of life and love. Future generations will experience a sense of freedom to live in empowered authenticity.  

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