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Joint Sessions

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90-minute session

Ready for an update of where you are on your life path? Looking for targeted insight into the next leg of your life journey? In this one-of-a-kind session, you’ll receive personal messages from the universe linked directly to your Astrological StarMap.

Katherine Flynn, while in a conscious trance, brings through channeled messages from Druid and other Source Energies, providing the targeted insight you need for this moment in time. Katherine’s messages suggest life strategies to implement in the present that will set you up for harmonious flow and success in achieving your long-term goals.

Lisa Hagenbuch then connects those messages directly to the energetic patterns in your Astrological birth chart. She will aid in realigning and balancing the areas of your life or personal relationships that feel ‘stuck’ or that just need a little tweak. Lisa will also provide specific dates and time frames for the planetary cycles operating in your birth chart now and in the year ahead. This knowledge will allow you to co-create and take full advantage of the opportunities being offered to you.

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This session is interactive and collaborative, so be sure to come with your pressing questions. You can ask for clarification at any point during the reading.

What benefits can you expect to receive from this session? Confirmation of what you felt was coming, relief, perhaps slight discomfort as you are called to grow out of your ‘safe’, habitual patterns and comfort zone.

Our intention is that you will feel positive shifts reverberating into all areas of your life as you step into the empowerment of manifesting the life you truly desire!

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